Quick Payment Guide

An efficient and effective supply chain is integral to the success of our global day to day operations.

Our primary method for procuring goods and/or services is by placing a Purchase Order with our Suppliers.

It is important that before our suppliers commence any work or deliver any goods to us that they have received a valid Purchase Order with a corresponding Purchase Order number. Should you receive a request to supply any goods and/or services and you have not received a valid Purchase Order, please contact your local buyer or commercial contact immediately.

We are committed to ensuring payments to our suppliers are made within agreed payment terms and by ensuring you have a valid Purchase Order, you can help avoid delays in the process. Invoices received without a Purchase Order cannot be processed and will not enter our processing queues.

To learn more about how our payment system works:


Please beware of share fraud.  An unauthorised third party operating in the name and style of JSE Limited - Preference Shares Department, is offering a fraudulent subscription of redeemable Thungela preference shares.