Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most common questions about applying for jobs at Thungela online.

1. How long are job opportunities advertised for?

In most cases positions are advertised for a minimum of five working days. Please check the closing date on the advert and note that job opportunities can be advertised internally and externally at the same time.

2. How do I apply for job alerts to notify me when a specific job is advertised?

New roles are being advertised all the time, so it's advisable to create a job alert on the Careers Site which will automatically notify you of any future jobs that match your search criteria. To register for notifications, select ‘Notify me of Jobs’, input your search criteria and select 'Create Job Alert’. Your registration will be confirmed via email and will remain valid for three months, after which you will need to re-subscribe.

3. How do I apply for a role?

You can apply by visiting the Thungela Careers Site and applying online. Online applications will be via our applicant tracking system SmartRecruiters, where you will be able to create a Smart Profile, or by using your Indeed or LinkedIn profiles. Import your details from LinkedIn.

4. How do I access the candidate portal to manage my profile?

You can access your profile by visiting You will be able to reset your password, change your email address, view the status of your applications, withdraw from a job or delete your profile.

5. I cannot access my profile, who do I contact?

If you have forgotten your login credentials, try to reset your password. Go to the Candidate portal and click 'Reset Password'. Enter the email address associated to your account. SmartRecruiters will then send you instructions to set or reset your password. You can access the reset password page here

6. Can I apply for multiple jobs?

Yes, once you have completed your online application, you will be able to apply for multiple positions. You can also update your SmartProfile to apply for other positions as required.

7. At what stages will I receive feedback and how do I check the status of my application?

We aim to keep candidates updated as frequently as possible, and will get in touch as soon as anything changes with your application. We will also let you know if there is a delay in the application. You can track the status of your applications in the SmartRecruiters Candidate Portal. ( On your Smart Profile, click on the "My Application" tab to view the status of all your applications. After submitting your application for a job you should receive an email confirming that your application has been received. It may take up to 48 hours for you to receive this message.

8. Is there an inclusion and diversity policy?

We are committed to a culture of inclusion and diversity at Thungela. It helps us attract, develop and retain outstanding talent – regardless of background. Our selection and assessment processes are free from bias or discrimination. Everyone is given fair access to opportunities within the organisation.

9. I have a disability, illness or injury which requires adjustment of additional support in the recruitment process, what should I do?

Please let us know in your application if you need any reasonable adjustments, for example due to an illness, injury or a disability. All information provided to us by you will be treated with complete confidentiality. We will do our best to support you and make reasonable adjustments where possible.

10. How do I unsubscribe from job alerts?

Click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your subscription confirmation email or any alerts email you receive to remove yourself from the database.

11. How do I know my personal data is protected?

Protecting your personal data and ensuring the security of all our business data are important concerns for us. We respect each individual’s right to privacy. We will collect and use information we receive directly from you through our website only in the ways disclosed in our Privacy Policy. The personal data collected when you apply online is treated confidentially and strictly in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions. You have the opportunity to review our privacy Policy prior to submitting your application.

12. Can I delete my data from your database?

To delete a profile, log on to your Candidate Profile page, ( Click "Settings" in the left-hand navigation menu. At the bottom of the page and click 'Delete my SmartRecruiters account". It may take a number of days for your profile and all associated applications to be deleted.

13. What do I do when I suspect a fraudulent source is offering me a job at Thungela?

Thungela will never ask for payment to apply for a job or employment. If you suspect that an email is fraudulent please email us on

14. As an applicant, what can I expect from the selection process?

You can expect to be treated fairly, respectfully and with integrity, in line with our Values. You can expect a robust application process, including a variety of selection criteria and assessment tools as appropriate. After submitting your application it will be screened, and you may be invited for telephone or face to face interviews, assessments and back ground checks. You will receive feedback and be kept informed in a timely manner at each stage of the recruitment process.

15. If I know someone who will be a great match for one of the current vacancies – what should I do?

On the job advertisement, select "refer a friend". Please note we do not offer a referral bonus.

16. If I am not successful in my initial application, will my profile be retained for future opportunities?

Your information will be securely kept for a period which is aligned to the country’s data retention policy, after which it will be deleted. During this period, we will contact you if suitable opportunities arise and we will ask you to apply for those roles, should you be interested. We recommend that you set up job alerts so that if a role that is advertised meets your criteria, you are automatically made aware of it.


Please beware of share fraud.  An unauthorised third party operating in the name and style of JSE Limited - Preference Shares Department, is offering a fraudulent subscription of redeemable Thungela preference shares.